April 22nd, 2019

Our Mother Earth needs our attention, our nurturing, our love - today more than ever.

She has given us a home, she provides us with a life-force that sustains us all. She has provided for our past, our present and she will struggle to provide for our future if we don’t immediately change our ways.

As a First Nations person, I reflect on our
a̱wi'nagwis (our lands) where my people come from. Our origin stories, languages, Indigenous cultures, laws and ways of life - the very essence of our identities are intimately tied to our homelands. Since time out of memory we have been the original stewards of our territories and resources. We owe our existence to Mother Earth.

I appreciate that no one person or group has the magic solution to comprehensively address the impacts of climate change. It is encouraging and comforting that fellow Canadians and global citizens are working together combat such impacts.

Protecting our planet requires us to support one another, building a collaborative relationship to reduce the impacts of pollution and climate change and to clean up the damage we’ve already done. Together, we can build a new definition of sustainability for our survival and to save our home.