May 4th, 2019

Jean Crowder: Bob is on our side

There’s no question, this by-election in Nanaimo-Ladysmith matters.

That’s why Bob Chamberlin has come out campaigning hard for the things people in our community care about.

We’re tired of governments in Ottawa making choices that put the well-connected ahead of people like us.

Housing and health care costs are up. Students are going further into debt. Wages aren’t keeping up. Big corporations get the breaks and we get the threat of increased tanker traffic on our coast.

A lot of people expected solutions when they voted for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party last time, but instead we’ve been let down, again and again.

It’s a dismal record: $4.5 billion on a pipeline instead of investing in clean energy. Going back on his word on proportional representation. Trudeau’s more worried about getting his corporate friends off the hook than he is about your family budget getting squeezed.

You get told to wait, while rich corporations get special handouts - including $12 million to the hugely profitable Loblaws to buy new equipment, while they refuse to pay their employees a living wage. That’s doesn’t make sense.

The Conservative Party isn’t the answer. Their choices made life less affordable in the first place.

Remember what happened the last time people were ticked off at a Liberal government in Ottawa? We got a decade of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives instead.

We can’t afford to let the Conservatives get this seat back. Regular folks like us pay too high a price as Conservative and Liberal governments strip away the things we count on to build a good life.

We deserve a lot better.

Whichever government we’ve had in Ottawa, Bob Chamberlin has been holding their feet to the fire - and getting results on things that matter to people and the environment. He’s taken on Trudeau. He took on Harper before him.

Bob has proven that working together, we can get results, instead of just talk.

Together, we can build more affordable housing for families, for singles, for seniors, and we can make sure the federal government is a partner in ending the housing crisis and keeping it more affordable in the long term.

If we make different choices and take on the pharmaceutical companies, we can make sure every family has prescription drug coverage that saves $550 or more, even if they already have insurance.

We can cut student debt and give young people a better start in life.

We can do more now to defend our coast against a 700% increase in tanker traffic and protect our wild salmon from the risk of fish farms. And invest in infrastructure that’s the clean tech of the future, rather than pipelines.

With Bob Chamberlin as our NDP MP we’ll have someone in our corner, fighting for us.

And no question about it, that matters a lot.