April 20th, 2019

When it comes to medication costs, only the NDP’s plan has everyone covered for life.

Rising out-of-pocket health costs are taking a bite out of your family budget.

So what is the best solution to make a real difference for all Canadians?

Even people with private insurance have to pay — with premiums, deductibles and co-pays. And pharmaceutical companies are taking a bigger and bigger slice of provincial health care budgets.

We can do better than that for everyone.

The NDP is the only party offering a public, universal, comprehensive pharmacare plan that will provide full coverage for prescriptions to every Canadian.

This is something the NDP has championed from the beginning – it was part of Tommy Douglas’ vision when he first introduced universal health care to Canada.

Other parties have proposed a piecemeal approach that would patch together public and private plans.

Some Canadians might benefit, but this approach falls short of the universal, publicly-delivered medication coverage for everyone we are committed to.

Our "Medicine for All" plan means you use your health card — not your credit card — for all your medication.

You pay no premiums and no deductibles. You fill your prescription at no cost. Everyone is fully covered. And everyone saves money, whether they have insurance now or not.

Experts have calculated a $500 or more saving per family per year — a lot more if you have more expensive prescriptions. It will save businesses $600 per employee a year. And governments will recover $4.2 billion in savings the first year alone.

This is not the 'fill the gaps’ model other parties are talking about, where insurance companies and drug companies continue to profit while regular people pay a price.

Just like when the NDP brought in Medicare, we’ve got the courage to take on pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and get the results people need.

The benefits for everyone are clear: You’re covered for the care you need. It doesn’t cost anyone out-of-pocket for premiums or deductibles. Everyone stays healthier. And health care works better.

And that’s the difference you get with the NDP.